Passenger comfort items

There are a lot of things that can impact a passenger’s enjoyment of a flight, cabin comfort items play a significant role on this. Each airlines has its own motivation behind their demand on passenger comfort items, but their common expectation is to help them earn customer loyalty.  

Amenity Kits

Cabin service items

Over 15 years professional experience on supplying cabin comfort items, 4inflight has extended its product range to other cabin service items and hygiene products: 

Plastic rotables
Plastic disposables
Paper items
Aluminum Container
Trash Box
Toilet Care kit
Hygiene products

Travel accessories

While most airlines focus service on their first and business class passengers’ experience, in an effort to enrich the experience for all passengers, some airlines have considered “BUY ON BOARD” to economy and economy plus passengers. It’s also a possible way of new revenue generation for airlines themselves. Besides of Amenity kits, blankets, 4inflight has a broad range of travel accessories for selection: 

Luggage Tag
Neck pillow
Passport Holder

Feel the ultimate

We are the most innovative company that care for aviation professionals. We are passionate about helping you create the ultimate experience for your guests and passengers.