Crew luggage/carry-on

Luggage plays a significant role on travelers, especially frequent travelers like pilots and flight attendants, they travel almost every day, no luggage from retail markets can offer a 3-year warranty on this condition, but we can ! 4infllight’s partner factory has been combining expertise, design, innovation, elegance over 25 years in manufacturing crew luggages, holding 20+ patented designs, serving 96 airlines over 200,000 crews.

Pilot Case
Crew luggage/carry-on
Suit Bag
Fashion bag
Overnight Bag 

Indemnity luggage

Luggage may miss or damage in the process of transportation, 4inflight has both fashion and classic luggages which airlines can select as Indemnity luggage.   

Gift luggage/carry-on

4Inflight can help airlines to create their own brand luggages/carry-ons as gift to their staffs and royalty-reward products to their frequent passengers.

Feel the ultimate

We are the most innovative company that care for aviation professionals. We are passionate about helping you create the ultimate experience for your pilots and crews.